Frank Pittoors – Master Qualified European Photographer


Frank Pittoors is an international photographer and specializes in corporate and portraits.

  • Business photographer
  • portrait photographer
  • publicity photographer
  • art photographer

He has his studio in Lennik but moves in and outside of Belgium


Make an appointment. – (+32)  0476/593789

Official  Master Qualified European Photographer

Intimate images with content.

Frank is a professional photographer and specialized in corporate, portrait and art. He works for agencies, industrial and corporate companies and people how want to have the highest quality of work. His own artwork is exposed in many countries and art exhibitions.

Hasselblad and broncolor lightning are his favorite tools to create his artwork. He travels around the world to inspire and to shoot. 

Expression and emotion are essential. His interaction and imagination are full of originality. He makes intuitive creations and exceptional compositions with a clear vision. He directs the viewer to feel, to think and to interact with his pictures. He combines his endless fantasy with an exceptional technical knowledge of photography and lighting. He can create a very subtle atmosphere like no other. This determines the expressive charisma of his artworks. Thanks to his exceptional connection, he turns his models into art.   

Frank Pittoors is officially a ‘MASTER Qualified European Photographer’. That’s the highest official level of photography that you can achieve in Europe. There are only 80 Masters in whole the EU.

Photography is his passion, unique creation his goal, emotions are included and exceptional quality his final result.

Bergen, Norway, 9 June 2019

New Master Qualified European Photographers

                      Frank Pittoors of Belgium among them

The Federation of European Professional Photographers gathered in Bergen, Norway, for its 39th qualification judging session.

The Master Qualified European Photographer (MQEP) Certificate is reserved for the more accomplished QEP holders. To date approximately 80 Top European Photographers have received a Masters distinction for their supreme quality.

To reach MQEP level the photographer must demonstrate flawless technical skills as well as strong vision. Unlike QEP, the MQEP does not need a category or a field of specialization. An MQEP panel requires 20 images, candidates can also send some supporting evidence, such as books, videos, albums etc. with the panel. Like QEP, the application process is online but the judging, again is of the actual image during a judging session. The MQEP panels are judged by an international jury of 7 accomplished judges.

This time 7 MQEP applications were submitted, 3 out of which were successful. One of the new MQEPs is Frank Pittoors from Belgium. He is from the Belgian association “Studio vzw”.  His panel consisted of illustrative photography,  the judges found it to be a panel of emotive images created by excellent lighting control and rapport with the subject.